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For now, we only accept paypal express, for which a paypal account is required. If you do not have a paypal account, you can still send us a mail order.

Delivery and Postage

The license keys are delivered by email immediately after the payment is completed. Please notice, it may take up to 24 hours until you actually receive the delivery mail due to intermediary mail servers and spam filters. If you haven't received any email from us, please use our contact from to resolve the issue.

Pricing and Tax

All products are sold with 19% German VAT included. Business customers located in the European Union can provide their VAT-ID (at shopping cart) to purchase without VAT included. The VAT-ID has to include the country code (DE, CZ, etc.) followed by a series of numbers without separators or whitespace. Your VAT-ID will be validated by the VAT Information Exchange System, which may take several minutes to complete. If your VAT-ID is not accepted, please check their FAQ.

Product Activation

Each license key allows you to use a copy of our software on up to 4 different computing devices. The same computing device can be reactivated an unlimited number of times. If you reinstall your system, a new license key activation is required. If you lost your license key from a previous order, you can ask to resend it up to 3 times at our support page.

License Keys

License keys are bound to computing devices, not operating systems. A single license key allows to activate one of our products on 4 different computing devices. In addition to single license keys you can obtain a special site license key which obtains 25 license keys and allows to activate 4x25 computing devices. Site license keys are provided with 20% discount.

Updates and Upgrades

All updates are free. Upgrade fees include a major discount for existing customers.

Software Return Policy

We do not refund license keys or license certificates. Please make sure you "try before you buy".